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Samsung LN37C530 37-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LCD HDTV (Black) Review

21 May 2010 View Comments Rating: 3.9/5.0
Samsung LN37C530

The Samsung LN37C530 is a 37-inch LCD TV that is part of the Samsung five Series.  It uses a TFT active matrix technology and Wide Color Gamut CCFL LCD backlight technology.  It has a 1080p display format with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.  Its LCD response time is at six milliseconds.

This Samsung TV has a simple aesthetic design with little extra features added to the system.  There is no special multimedia playback, no internet connectivity or 3D capabilities.  This entry-level LCD TV can play regular movies and TV programs readily, but it doesn’t have the extras that other fancy TV models have.

The 1080p display format provides a resolution of about 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is ideal for viewing Blu-ray videos and other High Definition films or movies.  This also enables the TV to deliver great details in every image and scene projected by the TV.  With the TV’s small 37-inch screen size though, it is hard to notice the quality difference this 1080p format gives compared to a regular 720p TV.

The TV’s refresh rate is only 60 Hz, which may produce judders and blurriness when viewing action scenes.  Its LCD response time of six milliseconds is also considerably slower than many TV sets in the market.  If you are into viewing fast action films you may want to check out some of Samsung’s latest LCD TV models like the Samsung UN46B8000 that features refresh rates of up to four times faster (at 240 Hz).  These latest TVs, although more expensive than the LN37C530, will surely provide you more viewing pleasure when playing your favorite HD videos on screen.

This Samsung TV has very good peak brightness performance and an average deep black capability.  The deep blacks are not as good as other more expensive Samsung brands like the Samsung LN40B650.  Peak bright performance is above average with the TV capable of producing great details in highlights and bright images.  Deep black and peak bright performances produce an average contrast ratio.  The TV has a rated contrast ratio of 60000:1 but the actual contrast ratio is at about 2610:1 – which is excellent for an entry-level TV.

Illumination across the screen is about average.  The LCD TVs use bulbs to illuminate the LCD screen, and this technology prevents the TV from getting a uniform illumination through out the screen area.  The same observation is true for this Samsung TV.  There is some glare in the corners and in some areas of the screen, and there is some over illumination in some parts.  This TV though performs above average in bright and dark environments.  Some LCD TVs have a tendency to reflect light when placed in bright light environments but this Samsung TV surprisingly performs great.  It doesn’t have a super reflective screen that will reflect light from outside sources.

Color accuracy is also average for this Samsung TV.  The screen can effectively reproduce colors rendering vivid images in most scenes.  Some over saturation occurs especially with the blue and green colors but overall image looks ok.

The TV’s viewing angle is also relatively narrow.  The TV’s specs shows a viewing angle of about 80 degrees but the actual viewing angle of this TV is only at 35 degrees.  When you place it in a medium-sized room and view the images outside of the 35-degree range, you will notice a drop in the TV’s performance.  Color becomes uneven and may result to dull images, and contrast will start to degrade noticeably.  With this characteristic, this TV will not work well when placed in a large room or office.

Audio output is thru the TV’s two speakers mounted at the left and right side of the device.  Each speaker rates at ten Watts, totaling 20 Watts of output power.  Output sound is in stereo mode with controls available for Treble, Bass and Balance.  The TV’s small ten-Watt speakers may not be enough to provide you with great audio performance to provide you maximum viewing pleasures when viewing your favorite movies.  The audio also features an effective and user-friendly menu interface.  They are easy to navigate and pretty much straight forward.  The overall audio performance, though, could use more bass in the system.

Connections available for this TV sit in the side and back of the device.  At the rear there are two HDMI (19 pin HDMI Type A) and one x VGA input (15 pin HD D-Sub, HD-15).  At the side of the TV you will have access to one HDMI (19 pin HDMI Type A) and one USB (4 pin USB Type A).

Dimensions of the TV are 35.5 x 3 x 22.1 inches (W x D x H) and weighs 25.4 lbs.  The package comes with a tabletop swivel stand.  The device is also ENERGY STAR qualified giving it effective energy consumption in both operational and stand-by/sleep modes.

Competition for this Samsung TV includes the RCA L42FHD41.  The RCA TV is about $100 less expensive than the Samsung TV and offers a wider viewing screen of 42-inches compared to the Samsung’s 37-inch screen.  The advantage of the RCA TV though, ends there.  The Samsung TV offers superior contrast performance and color accuracy to the RCA TV.  Although the viewing angle for the Samsung TV is relative narrow, at only 35 degrees, the RCA TV shows a narrower effective viewing angle of only 28 degrees.  Both TVs support 1080p formats and relatively the same amount of connectivity options.  For only $100 in price difference, the Samsung TV is a better choice than the RCA.

A step above the Samsung LN37C530 TV is the Samsung LN40B650.  The LN40B650 is a more expensive TV that sells about twice the price of the LN37C530.  Both TVs support 1080p formats but the more expensive LN40B650 produces deeper black levels and higher peak bright performance.  This also produces a better contrast ratio than the LN37C350.  The LN40B650 also produces vivid images with no noticeable over saturation in any color.  The LN40B650 also has a faster refresh rate of 120 Hz giving it an edge in displaying fast action scenes with no blurriness or evidence of judders.  Connectivity wise, the LN40B650 is far more versatile than the less expensive LN37C530.  The LN40B650 offers four HDMI ports, a LAN connection and two USB ports to provide access to your favorite MP3 tracks, pictures or videos.

This Samsung TV may fall short of the expectations of high-end users with its limited connectivity options and small screen size.  For those who have budget to spare, you can check on Samsung’s high-end models like the new Samsung UN55C7000 or any TV models from the 6000, 7000, 8000 or 85000 series.  The Samsung LN37C530 however, is a perfect entry-level LCD TV, for the budget conscious, to complement a small room or pad.  It has an above average video performance and its 1080p native resolution will make the most of your HD viewing and Blu-ray players.

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Technical Specification

Video Screen Size

Screen Size
Diagonal length of TV screen
37″ (1)
Aspect Ratio Widescreen

The more number of vertical and horizontal pixels, the better sharpness of images.
1920 x 1080
Dynamic Contrast Ratio

Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Contrast ratio of TV is fixed, measured by the difference between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks a display can show.
Response Time

Response Time
The amount of time it takes for a single pixel in LCD screen to switch from active to non-active
LCD 120Hz No (60Hz)
Native Resolution 1080p
Audio Sound Effect System

Sound Effect System
The sound effect system produces 5.1ch streophonic sound with the left and right speakers
SRS TruSurround HD
Sound Output(RMS)

Sound Output(RMS)
Volume level of sound from TV speakers
Input & Output(Wireless) 802.11 No
Input Output HDMI

Digital connector that is used for displaying high quality games and the movies.
Composite (AV)

Composite (AV)
Analog image connector that is used to connect VCR to display images on TV
2 (shared rear and side)
Component 2 (rear)
USB 1 (rear)
PC input (D-sub)

PC input (D-sub)
Connector that is used to display internet pages and motion clips on the large screen of TV
Features Game Mode Yes
Wide Color Enhancer Yes
USB 2.0 (MPEG Support) Yes
ConnectShare™ Movie Yes
Optical Link Yes
System Tuners

Different broadcasting standards by region
Dimension Set size(WXHXD) with stand 35.5” x 24.2” x 9.4”
Set size(WXHXD) without stand 35.5″ x 22.1” x 3.0″
Package size(WXHXD) 45.3″ x 28.9″ x 6.7″
Weight Set weight with stand 31.7 lbs
Set weight without stand 25.4 lbs
Package weight 39.5 lbs
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